The Midnight Zeppelin

A Bad Heir Day

Some days later, while Blake is at the Century Club he receives a request for a dinner meeting from Rita Parker's father, Dr. Wilhelm Parker. The good doctor was impressed with our heroism, and he is worried that his daughter is still in danger. He would like us to watch her, but he doesn't want Rita to know she's being watched. We accept his request. Stephan is unreachable.

While Cliff Hanger investigates Dr. Parker (he's clean), Laura and Blake try to research the Ace of Spades. Who might have the resources to pull off something like this? Someone in the Century Club. Laura learns about a vigilante/liberatator called the "Ace of Spades" from South America, who uses the logo we received. There was a Brazilian reporter at the party talking with the Bendens.

Vinnie and Rosa check out Italians, then go to Benden Manor and check the security at the Benden mansion. It isn't great. When they check in with Rita, they discover she's not in her room.

Checking the grounds for tracks, we find our way to the garage. The car Rita usually uses is missing, and so is her driver. The staff thought she was in her room. She went shopping in the morning, and the car came home.

Blake finds the name Billy in her diary and questions the stable boy. Appears to be the wrong Billy. Says she hangs out at the library. Vera continues to read diary while Laura and Blake go to library.

Vinny and Rosa check local speakeasy. Vinney and Rosa didn't find any info and move on to next speakeasy. Have trouble getting in – "This is the pointy end." At a German speakeasy they find a girl who knows Rita, but says she won't come here. Rita's been upset since party.

The librarian knows Rita; she's been in Working on a charity project, as recently as yesterday. She came in with man once or twice, looking at legal and geneology books. Turns out the man is one Billy Calhoun, an Australian War Veteran, of which "Daddy wouldn't approve." An odd fellow was in at the same time as Rita: Swarthy, bearded, and moving oddly. Spoke with a Russian accent.

A clerk at the Veteran Hospital knows Rita. She volunteers frequently, trying to get medical assistance for Veterans. She was last in 2 days ago. Billy was a patient there, we obtain an address and rendezvous there.

Vinny and Rosa check in with Dr. Parker and the Century Club. Her parents didn't know about her project. Asking him about about Russians, Dr. Parker knows one family, the Contantines. Vera joins the Manhattan team, checking out targets on Dr. Parker's patient lists. Eventually, they remember to check the apartment. Rita has been there all along, but her driver and car are still missing.



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