The Midnight Zeppelin

An Unexpected Party

The mysterious woman who followed us to the Black Plate says her name is Joan Cross. She was following Blake because he's investigating Vitaly Constantine and she wants to set up a meeting. Vera and her dog Reggie tail Joan out of the diner, but she acts like someone who is being followed, so Vera confronts her. Joan's sleight of hand techniques ar very different than Vera's. Rosalita looks into Joan's background only to find that she has none.

While Blake works up some invites to the party to be held at Constantine Manor,  Laura researches Russian secret societies. There are more than a few, since the Revolution. The Thule Society comes up in connection with previous mystical researches. The Century Club has opposed them in th past. Alex constantine doesn't seem to be connected to the Thule.

Between Blake and Vinnie, we have six invitations to the party, but we have to take someone's bubbleheaded neice along. Vinnie striks out trying to score an invite from Alex. Vera cases Constantine Manor, but security is too tight for a close look. With Vera's prompting, Blake picks up three corsages.

Upon arriving at the party, we find not a society soiree, but a smoky opium den. As Vera makes an entrance on the arm of an oriental gentleman, Laura fades into the woodwork to do some snooping. After Rosalita does some wardrobe magic to transform into something less formal, she and Vinnie attempt to blend in. Blake and the bubbly neice stand out, and not in a good way.

Down the hall, Laura goes through the butler's desk. He's covering up something for his boss – that much is clear. Then she finds the baseent door…



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