The Midnight Zeppelin

Night of the Cephalopods

Stephan joins us at the Parker apartment – first place he looked. Laura and Cliff head of to do some investigations while Vera secures the room and Vinne stands guard. Rosalita is chaperoning Blake and Stephan's conversation with Rita Parker

Investigating connections between the Century Club and the Ace of Spades, Laura uncovers the name Guillermo Benito – a reporter who was at the party. He's reported on the Midnight Zeppelin's clashes with the Ace, and written unflattering articles about Ian Benden.

Cliff notices a man wearing a long ugly topcoat watching the hotel. When he departs after a second similarly dressed man shows up, Cliff corners him in an alley. In a Russian accent, he admits that h works for Piotr Gogorovich. When Cliff releases him, he tries to retrieve his engraved cane, but Cliff beats him to it.

As Laura returns, she notices an Army truck circling to the back of the apartment building. We gather in the apartment, with Vera hiding in the hallway.When the freight elevator opens and two many legs to count spill out, she runs. Rita hides under the bed. Something green and glow flashes past Blakes head. Vera, Vinnie, Blake, and Rosalita engage the Russian thugs now flling the hallway. Laura and cliff are in the aprtment watching the windows, and Stephan protects the liquor cabinet.

Vera puts a stop to th chanting coming from the back of the throng, and we begin mowing down thugs. A crash from the bedroom sends Laura running. Cliff and Stephan hallucinate about cephalopods but manage to stop the guy who came in the window.  We get the name of the guy who gives the orders: Vitaly Constantine.



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