The Midnight Zeppelin

No Thule Like and Old Thule

From his family connections, Vinnie learns about the hierarchy of the Thule Society. Of those attending the meeting at the Four Seasons, Gus Milo is the most powerful, and the most feared. Piotr Gogorovich is next, having his own power base plus that which he assumed from Vitaly Constantine. The mysterious "Gregory" must be listed next, only because so little is known about him. At the bottom of the totem pole are Guido Montbianco (a new guy), and Ian Benden (a wanna-be).

Rosalita learns that Pitor owns Reynolds Imports, a warehouse in an isolated area of Jersey, about five minutes from the docks. Various evidence, including the presence of Russion army trucks, indicate that this is very likely where the engraved canes are stored. She spies a security guard leaving the warehouse, and flirts with him at a nearby bar. She learns:

  • He says there are three guards there overnight: one in the office, one patrolling inside and one patrolling outside.
  • The outside patrol path is pretty well lit.
  • One of the rooms in the back – #112 – is always locked.
  • (one more fact – who what's to make a Declaration?)

Turning our attention to preparations for the meeting at the Four Seasons, Stephan looks for an anchor point on the roof while the group gets its ninja on. Blake visits the Wheel and Keg and sets up a meeting with Ian Benden, and then meets Rosalita and Vinnie at a restaurant across the street from the Four Seasons. Stephan realizes that he didn't set up any kind of "go" signal.

Vera and Laura sneak into a closet off the room where the meeting is to be held. Ian arrives first, then Guido, with two bodyguards each. Piotr and Gus and their bodyguards arrive shortly threafter. When Gregory is late, Guida suggests urges starting without him, but Gus insists that they wait. Ten minutes later, a tall thin man in a long robe walks in, very slowly. This disappoints Guido and Ian. The meeting begins with dull business matters. Gregory evidently makes Gus nervous, to Piotr's surprise.

Suddenly Laura remembers full name name of an infamous Russian mystic: Grigori Efimovich Rasputin.



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