The Midnight Zeppelin

Suffer the Constantines

We pile the bodies into the service elevator and leave an anonymous tip. Blake spins the story for the hotel staff.

Cliff and Vinnie are both called away. Vera suggests hiding Rita Parker, and knows of a good place. While Stephan escorts them there, Laura and Rosalita investigate Vitaly Constantine and the Russian thugs.

One Sadie Nash calls upon Blake at the Century Club, and shows him an ace of spades. It came from one of her donors, a latin gentleman who insists on being anonymous. She runs a boarding school in Brooklyn and says that a "mutual friend" indicated that we had a young girl in need of schooling. We deliver Rita into Sadie's care. Sadie gives Vera a purple candle.

Laura finds that the Contantine family escaped the Russian Revolution on the Midnight Zeppelin, and that Vitaly and our friend Ian Benden have several common acquaintances. Rosalita finds stories about carved canes shoot green fire, and frightens an antique dealer who professes some loyalty to Constantine. Laura learns that Wilhelm Parker's mother was Russian nobility.

On the way to the Black Plate Diner Vera dispatches the guys in a suspicious panel truck. While at the diner, we notice a mysterious woman watching us.



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