Thule Society

russian thug


The Thule Society is a occultist group founded in Munich in 1918. The society was named after a northern country from Greek legend, said to be the capital of ancient Hyperborea. The name means "Beyond Which Nothing". For further reading, look into the work of  Helena Blavatsky, 19th occultist. 

Vitaly Constantin and his lieutenant Piotr Gogorovich rank among the most powerful members of the Thule Society active in the region. The Thule leadership seem to hold regular monthly meetings at a luxury hotel in seaside Manhattan called The Four Seasons. The gangster Gus Milo and our friend Ian Benden also attended more than one of these meetings, as well as someone carefully referred to only as "Gregory".

The Thule thugs we've seen wear long topcoats to conceal the engraved canes they use as weapons.


Thule Society

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